Vancouver, BC, Canada

Integrated Bridge

Welcome to a new age in integrated bridge design.

 As any mariner will attest to, the bridge of a vessel is a statement of its operational characteristics, be it High Speed Craft, Deep Sea Vessels or Yachts. The operation of a ship and its operational area can constitute vast differences in bridge design, no longer is it your only option to purchase an “off the shelf box” and compromise your operational requirements.

We have brought together the best in the industry, with the ability and experience to offer you a Custom Designed Integrated Bridge.

Our team includes Deck Officers, Engineers, Technicians and Design Engineers who have all experienced the challenges of New Construction and Refits. We will work with the owner, designer and builder to provide the most ergonomic and operationally advanced bridge to suit the needs of the crews and the requirements of the governing bodies overseeing the vessel.

We take bridge design to a new level by reviewing all facets of a ship's operating characteristics, for both navigational crews and engineering crews.  The detailed design review includes:

  • Vessel Operation and requirements
  • Crew and manning requirements
  • Classification society and regulatory body requirements
  • Life cycle costs

We will then offer the necessary equipment and design package to provide the most ergonomic and operationally correct Bridge to suit the needs of the crews and vessel.

We will bring together:

  • Navigation Systems – Radar, ECDIS, Gyro, Auto Pilot, Conning Systems

  • Internal & External Communications

  • Alarm and Monitoring Systems – including custom serial links to other vessel systems

  • Propulsion Control Systems, telegraphs, instrumentation and engine safety systems

  • Power management, Motor controls, Tank gauging, Cargo and Ballast Controls

  • Draft & Trim Monitoring

  • Integrated Night Vision and Searchlight Systems

  • PA & General Alarm

  • CCTV & Vessel Video Information Systems

  • Voyage Data Recording

  • Console Design & Ergonomic Studies

  • Remote Monitoring & Service Capabilities

  • Electronic documentation

  • Complete Crew Training

All in a custom package like no other.  The integration of all this equipment will be accomplished at the highest level by the use of multiple communication links to ensure simple servicing, equipment redundancy, and the option for Remote off Site Diagnostics.

If required a Failure Mode and Effect Analysis, and further crew training will be offered, so that in the case of an operational failure, the crew is capable of meeting or exceeding, even the highest requirements of any classification society or regulatory body.

At the speed at which both technology and regulatory issues are changing the need for an open and expandable bridge architecture is never more prevalent. In our design stages, we strive for the most advanced technology and the ability to adapt, as future technological and regulatory demands change.

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