70 m Yacht

Engine: 2 Cat 3512B
Power: 2 x 1051 kW @ 1600 rpm
Gearbox: Lohmann & Stolterfoht Navilus with Vulkan Clutches
CP Prop: 1 Vatech Escher Wyss
Pitch Actuator: PMC Type 3310 PA-ER2

The PMC propulsion control system includes three bridge stations and one engine room station. At each station there is a Type 5040 MCH-ES remote control head for combined control of pitch and speed. An electric shaft system interconnects all four stations, allowing bumpless transfer.

The propulsion control system includes necessary logic and interlocks. A touch screen panel located at the engine room station allows the operator to view operating parameters such as:

  • Engine rpm
  • Fuel rack position
  • Pitch feedback
  • Clutch blocked
  • Clutch status
  • Control lever position
  • Control signal failure alarms
  • User selectable set points for minimum and maximum rpm and maximum pitch and load.

The PMC D-MaC (Digital Marine Control) ensures maximum propulsion versatility. The fast, yet stable automatic load control maintains optimum loading on the engines. Automatic load sharing is provided to meet the demanding requirements of two engines driving a single shaft through a compound reduction gearbox. Pitch is controlled by a PMC Pitch Actuator with custom linkage and Pitch Transmitter. The D-MaC controls the engine speed directly though engine manufacture's supplied electronics.

PMC also supplied an emergency control system. This system provides for manual control of the pitch using jog solenoids and manual control of engine speed with a Type 8550-1900 Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) Command Module.

Valve and machinery controls were implemented with PMC's UDC, Universal Display and Control panels, which allow relatively compact console designs. PMC designed and built the engine control room console integrating many ship's systems. The console was constructed in three sections due to restricted access to the existing control room. The controls for the wheelhouse were supplied installed into a pre-wired drop-in plate.

The vessel safety system was integrated into safety consoles with mimics displaying device status represented on an outline of the vessel. The mimics offer status display and control of many vessel systems including:

  • Fire doors
  • Watertight doors
  • Fire dampers
  • Emergency fire/bilge pumps
  • Valves
  • Exterior lighting
  • Type 8012 Navigation Light Control Panel
  • The fire alarm system and sprinkler system supplied by the shipyard was also integrated into the mimic.




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